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S8 Scarlett Pimpernel update


Hi, has anyone else heard anything about the S8, S8+ apparently being lined up for the new firmware update and the one update as well. Quite looking forward to it if we do, as the moment my S8+ is acting weird. First off it was just freezing on any app for about 5 minutes then just restart itself but now if I restart my phone - example: after a cache cleanout, it's recently started freezing on the circle as it starts up so I have to leave it and normally it'll start as normal again or I have to do the soft reset with the buttons. Never experienced anything like it before, not like I've got dodgy apps on it. I haven't even rooted it. Well fingers crossed if we do get this phantom update I'm really hoping it sorts out my phone that's been possessed

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Superuser I

Usually some info is within the Samsung Members App  / Samsung+ App  @ttwa666 


Smartswitch can be helpful when checking if an update is ready.


Appreciate you've tried some troubleshooting tips.


Have you considered backing up and a factory reset  ?


A Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre can check out the phone for you too.



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