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S8+ Samsung email app - inbox filled with messages with future dates

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My Inbox has scores, if not a hundred, of emails at the top of the list with dates in the future - obviously spammers' attempts to get their messages first in line so that they're seen.  I don't see these messages on my laptop (using Outlook) nor in Outlook on the same phone.  So the issue seems to be with the Samsung email app.  Does anyone else have this problem?  It can't be just me...   


Is there any way (I certainly can't see one) to limit the date range for receiving emails to the current date, so that messages ostensibly sent in the future are automatically deleted or placed in Spam or Trash?  If it were just a couple of emails it wouldn't be such a problem, but now there ae so many - with dates in 2026, for instance - that I have to scroll forever just to find today's email messages.


Thank you!


Clear the data for the email looking at what you have stated it is just limited to that app, failing that try to uninstall the updates for the app and then update it again. Depending on the phone you have the settings may be different.
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Thank you very much, but I see no option to accomplish either:

1.  Clear all data

2. Uninstall the most recent (or any) update


This is a Samsung S8+ on Verizon Wireless.

The email client is Samsung Email, Version



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