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S8 LED not working after update


Hi, thanks for the message. All seems to be working now after this afternoon's android update. 

I can't get it to work on WhatsApp messages but I think that is down to settings. WhatsApp appears to have more settings than other apps?! 


You all might find this really stupid or very helpful, but I have been reading all over the web to find the cause of the LED light not working. I've tried the partition wipe, app cache wipes and others, but just a moment ago I was screwing around with the display settings, changing from adaptive to amoled and whatever... underneath the smart stay option, I see LED Indicator and it's selected to off. I set it to on and did a notification preview in my txt app and the LED works now. Hope this helps someone!

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I was having the same problem in my s8, but I installed some updates and it started to work again.error-samsung-s8.jpg


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Anyone else got this issue with the latest update? I have tried everthing mentioned in this thread but so far nothing seems to work.  No LED clock or anything on the case.

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Works intermitantly, only had it a couple of weeks. thinking of sending it back.


Usually Led don't work then switched on power saving mode.

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I have tested it and it works correctly.but when i connect charger or have some notifications,it doesnt work at all!
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Still not working on mine despite trying everything in this thread
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I rang Samsung support. They talked me through things to do but non of it worked so they advised me to return it to the seller.This I did and got a full refund. I have now got one that works fine.


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How did u get this update???

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