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S8 - How to power off phone with security?


I think you misunderstood. Your phone does not technically have to be lost for it to work. I have enabled it on my phone and it is still turned on. You only have to do it once to turn on the feature.


By going into find my phone ? 


Yes. And @PSYSCHOLOGICAL didn't you already try this, and it ended up working? I remember you asking about this a couple of months ago.

Yes I did and I thought I got it but seems you can only use the feature in findmymoblie

Yes you need the website to toggle it on and off, but you only need to do it once for it to be on all the time.


So just to make sure, when you lock your screen now and attempt to power it off, it does not require you to enter a PIN?


When I do that it asks me to put in my pin and comes up on my screen phone lost . Then when I do put the pin in the lock feature goes away . 


Alright got a couple questions for you. Let's check your lock settings, please unlock your phone, and go to the settings button so we can search for: "Lock screen" and select the first option.


1. Do you have smart lock enabled?  (2nd item in list on my s8) It's the feature that keeps your phone unlocked by a certain location or nearby devices. Let's assume you have this off.


2. Tap into "Secure lock settings" (3rd item in list on my s8). I've got the following enabled:

- Lock the phone 5 seconds after the screen turns off automatically.

- "Lock instantly with power key" is enabled

-"Auto factory reset" is disabled

-"Lock network and security" is enabled

-"Show Lockdown option" is enabled


3. Now on the website. When the lock button is pressed, fill in the info for the PIN and the other 2 steps. Phone will become locked with that PIN.


4. Unlock phone with that PIN. Press the lock button again to lock the phone. Turn on screen and while on the lock screen, press and hold the power button, tap on the power off button when it appears, and once more, and now it should prompt to enter a PIN or biometrics. And that should do it, a theif would not be able to power off your device at the lock screen.


5. Please note if you have facial recognition turned on or the fingerprint scanner on, do not have your finger on the scanner or your face in view of the camera, because the device will pick up that information right away and turn off and make it seem like the PIN was not required.

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Like before , I've done all that and as soon as I put the pin in its seems to be unlocking the phone ( as it should ) but also turning the lock feature off.  That's how I gave up the last time . 

Thank you for all the time you gave , trying to help . 

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Thanks Veester, your solution works 

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Yes I have the same problem, once i type the pin the "lock" function restarts and i can shut down while locked again. Curious how others made it work.

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