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S8 Full Screen Instagram

Well I hate to break it to you but some of us can actually keep a life while still having Instagram
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Hi guys.


Best to keep it on topic, rather than let the thread spin off into a pointless discussion about who does and doesn't have a life.


Much as we like the feedback and discussion on this from you guys here, with Instagram being a 3rd party app, it's best for more of you to approach this from their end by contacting the app developers, and/or leaving feedback on the app's Play Store page here. That's more likely to prompt their developers to reach out to any of the relevant peeps at our end for whatever they need for working towards something that enables you to enjoy the app - and hopefully life- to it's fullest. 


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Hey man, I appreciate the suggestion, but Instagram isn't the problem here. Sure they could work from their end to find a solution as well, but since the app works perfectly fine on all other Android devices, I'm thinking Samsung is at fault here. Am I missing something?
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Same as note 9 It's already February 2019 and it's not optimized yet

Same here, convinced my wife to choose S9+ and got Note9 for myself.
Both suffers from it, and now she complains unhappy.

Guys, I think this isn't Samsung's fault. Instagram is the one who should put BLACK BARS (up and down) on our display in order the photos not to be cropped. Although, Samsung can also contact Instagram and address this issue!! So yeah, shame on you Samsung, now we see how much you care about your customers!! Do NOT wonder why people buy IPhones when you obviously don't care about your customers!!

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I have the same problem but rn I just noticed and it hasn't done this before, On Instagram on a regular post if someone typed a lot it cuts off what they typed on the post 

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Actually its the same on all other 18:9 Phones.... This is not Samsungs fault, its Instagrams!

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Fyi changing the screen zoom on the s8 definitely does fix the problem. I might need s magnifying glass but atleast all the words are there now.

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