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S8 Full Screen Instagram

Please can you explain?

i think the next phone will be an apple


Go to settings, and lock your navigation bar. It worked for me


Can ypu give a step by step. I dont think there is a "lock nav bar" option 🤔 Screenshot_20190212-175922_Settings.jpg



Unfortunately this happens with apple mobile too, Iphone X, XR.

With any screen bigger than 5,8


Yeah that navigation has a little circle on the left side when you open up the instagram app. And If you double tap it or locks it in place 


Ah, I know what you mean. They removed that in the new update. One UI or PIE. I no longer have the option to lock the Nav bar. Also i always had the Nav bar locked before the new update. That did not work either. Instagram stories were still cut off the edges.


That's weird because I have the latest update and phone and it works for me ...


It would help if you could share some screenshots and show us...

My nav bar is locked. And still cut idf edges.20190213_085709.jpg


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i found the only solution that works fine for me. i uninstalled insta***** and now i got my reallife back. it's worth a try guys

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