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S8 Do Not Disturb and Battery Notifications

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Hi All,

Both my do not disturb and low battery notifications on both the top screen and always on display appear to have stopped showing.

I use do not disturb quite a lot so not knowing when it is on is a real pain. Anyone else having this issue or can help with a fix.

For information I have already tried a soft reset and also a complete reset of the device and the problems are not fixed.



I have a similar problem and Samsung gave me an answer to it. Whenever my phone resets - and after a security patch it did it often - the DO NOT disturb function turned itself on, without my knowledge. I found myself missing notifications and everything for hours. Samsung says that it has to do with Googles Daydream, and that its that is turning on Do not disturb mode when the phone is reset. they are apparently working with Google to fix this, but it has been like this for a month now. I do not even use DND mode, so it has been a nuisance not having a notification to tell me its on. however, changing the volume does tell you if it is on or not. so for now, until they fix it, I recommend just changing your volume up or down to see if it is on.
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