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S8 Camera not working


I have been using my Samsung Galaxy S8 for longer than 2 years. Everything is working perfectly well apart from the Camera. For almost a year now the Camera suddenly stops working, and the only way to fix it is a factory reset. I have had this issue maybe 4 to 5 times and did a factory reset each time to fix it. Now I have the same issue once again but for the first time even a factory reset could not solve the problem.


Well there is a time where you need to change your phone. Sometimes it gets slower due to updates or heavyweight usage, drive full with data etc. Or sometimes you just drop it and hardware gets broken. Or the hardware just completes its lifetime. I understand all these. But this time there is a phone that is working perfectly well but there is this unbelieveable issue with the Camera and now I happened to have a Samsung Galaxy S8 without a Camera.


I definitely do not understand this. So the warranty is for 2-years but then you send me an update and I am unable to use the phone's camera anymore. Is that really fair? I am really fed up with this, it cost me so much effort all these times when I tried to do a factory reset once in every 2-3 months and now the camera completely gone. Why Samsung do not own the responsibility of their own software updates? Then they should let me know that after 2 years I will have a painful experience and soon I will need to replace the phone. It sound funny right? In that case maybe I would never but it.


S8 was the very first Samsung device I purchased and this have been so far a very unfortunate experience for me. I do not think I would never-ever purchase any other Samsung smartphones. This is unfair.


Does anyone have any idea how else can I try further a factory reset? Is it possible to undo a software upgrade. I see that this issue is a common one and people say it is due to the software updates.


As I have purchased it from the USA, I am not even sure if Samsung NL will help me to solve the issue. I tried to call the customer services and the person told me that as far as she knows the technical services in the NL are only for the phones purchased in the NL. She adviced me to try to bring my phone to them but I am not sure what to do. I do not want to spend a week on this and get to a result that they are not going to help or will ask for a very high price. I would rather go buy another phone. Do you have any suggestions?


Apologies for this kind of an impolite message, but I am highly uptight in the moment. Also sorry that if a similar topic was around before, I tried to search but still not sure if this was the correct way to message.


Thank you in advance.


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My camera  on my galaxy  s8 plus stopped  working  yesterday .I looked on line  .and was advised  to shake phone .    It  worked.    Camera  back to normal  .  Try it


I saw that shaking is proposed as a solution for blurry images / focus issues. For my instance, the camera does not work at all. But thank you anyways.


It was a software issue as I was able to fix it at least through a factory reset. Now I cannot fix it anymore, but I still think it is somehow only a software-related issue.

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