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S8+ Bug ? My Knox resets after Ultra power saver




I just had unpleseant bug.


I had few % of battery, so i activated Ultra Power Saver option.


Soon after i connected to charger and disabled Ultra mode, My Knox notification is gone and reseted.


Anyone had this issue ?




Hi, @NyperCro

Has this issue now been resolved? 

Have you ensured that your software is completely up to date? 

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My problem might be somewhat related:
I have an S7 with corporate security software by German Telekom.

I always get asked for re-certification and allowing to setup the MDM software before I can access my e-Mail again. Luckily so far my IT department is lenient with me and lets me doing it myself, but if others have a more stringent IT department they might be locked out of their corporate e-mail account!

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