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S8+ April Patch Loads of problems

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Has anyone noticed a series of errors on S8/+ since April patch update?


*Always on Display not working through clear case


*Torch turning off in seconds

*Fast charging charging slower than usual.


Same issues, "Always on Display" not working through Clear View Case, so irritating. Tried everything, clear data/cashe of app, factory reset. Nothing help. Any ideas?

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Hope they fix it soon.

Yeah, I hope too. Tried to contact Samsung trought there, and Samsung Members app, with sending logs. You can do it same, maybe it will speed up the process.

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Have done 👍

Also spoken to Samsung Help on Twiiter and thwy claim it's my device and not software which we know isn't true.

Same here. Always on display stopped working, battery dies a bit faster than before and overall its a drawback instead of fixing issues samsung created more than one for me.
I send a lot of messages to Samsung, they finally answered when I send them system logs 2 times it's software problem and will be fixed in next update. The problem is I updated my system from April 1, to May 1 update and same problem.. I guess we need to wait for another update, maybe in next one they will fix it.
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Nope no fix.


Got MAY update this morning and nothing has changed. Very poor software and customer service from Samsung indeed  

Doesn't make people want to invest in buying an S10 or Note 10 does it.



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