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S7 overheating and restarting every 30 seconds

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Wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot a problem with my S7, I've tried a lot of different options but still having no luck and I'm thinking I might just have to take it in for repair.


I've had this S7 for over two years now and it worked fine up until the last 6 months or so. My phone would overheat constantly when I was on the London underground. The phone wouldn't last longer than maybe 60 seconds at most before restarting itself. I had to turn it off, take off the case and let it cool down because it was burning hot. Similar thing happened when on holiday in Sri Lanka.


However, now, it does this constantly, regardless of where I am. I haven't turned it on for the last month because it's unusable. I don't want to get into conspiracy theories but it's quite the coincidence this happened the day I cancelled my Vodafone contract. 


So I've tried turning it on in a cool environment, I've tried it in safe mode, I've tried clearing the cache partition - I've tried everything I can really apart from doing a hard reset. 


Has anyone else experienced this? It sounds like it's a battery fault. In which case, can I get a free repair given it's a manufacturer's fault?




Hi @sebsoi


Are you still experiencing this issue? We’d highly recommend visiting your nearest Support Centre to have an engineer look into this for you further. As you have exceeded the 24 month warranty repair, please note that any repair carried out will be chargeable. Here’s a link to help locate your nearest Support Centre. 



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