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S7 has lost WIfi Calling Option


I tried that, and didn't get a prompt, and still not in any menu.  

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Dear, If You Want To Use WiFi Calling Feature in Any Smartphone Then You Have to First Check The Compatibility of the Handset,

If Your Handset Is Compatible Then Update Your Handset To New Software Version,

If The Phone is Updated then Check The Wi-Fi Calling Feature is Enabled Or Not,

Now Connect Your Phone With a High-Speed Internet Hotspot and Start Using WiFi Calling Feature in Any Smartphone.

For More Visit: How To Use WiFi Calling And Check Device Compatibility 



I have found that it is a Samsung issue since they leave it up to the carrier to push the option to the phone with the SIMM card.  However, not all carriers that offer the WiFi calling option have the updates for phones to enable it if it's not built into the phone.  I found that when I switched carriers, the WiFi calling option went away, even though the carrier I switched to said my account included it.  After several resets, I gave up and was frustrated enough that I went back to T-Mobile and asked the salesperson what it takes to have that option because I had it before, and that if she could get my phone to provide the WiFi calling option, I'd switch back to T-Mobile.  She pulled the SIMM card out of her phone and put it into mine.  It took almost 10 minutes before the phone was finished it's configuration, but sure enough, I now had the WiFi option, so I switched back to them and been using it ever since.   My husband's iPhone always had had the WiFi-calling option, regardless of the carrier, which is how all phones should be, and leave it up to the carrier to decide to enable it on their end.

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