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S7 has lost WIfi Calling Option


hello mate did you find a way to type ##BRAND#?


I typed it into the phone dialing keypad in my case and it worked. Regards

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Hi , on by keypad i cannot type letters , how can i type ##BRAND# ?


on the keypad it would be ##27263# just like on a telephone to spell ##BRAND#

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im getting "invalid MMI code" 


I am having the same problem "connection problem or invalid MMI code".


My Conversation with Samsung support....


[2019-01-30 12:22:41] SYSTEM : A member of our web team will be available soon.
[2019-01-30 12:22:45] SYSTEM : Welcome to Samsung Australia Live Chat.
[2019-01-30 12:22:52] Agent(John) : Hi!
[2019-01-30 12:22:59] Agent(John) : This is John from Samsung Care.
[2019-01-30 12:23:06] Customer(Price Sean) : Hi John
[2019-01-30 12:23:28] Agent(John) : When you swipe your finger from the top of the screen going to the bottom can you see wifi calling?
[2019-01-30 12:23:55] Customer(Price Sean) : no...
[2019-01-30 12:24:27] Agent(John) : Can you please tell me what is your service provider?
[2019-01-30 12:24:36] Customer(Price Sean) : Vodafone
[2019-01-30 12:24:53] Agent(John) : And you are on a post paid plan right?
[2019-01-30 12:25:03] Customer(Price Sean) : yes
[2019-01-30 12:25:09] Agent(John) : Alright.
[2019-01-30 12:25:23] Agent(John) : Can you please go to settings.
[2019-01-30 12:25:43] Customer(Price Sean) : Yes
[2019-01-30 12:26:10] Agent(John) : Then go to connections
[2019-01-30 12:26:18] Customer(Price Sean) : yes
[2019-01-30 12:26:48] Agent(John) : Can you see wifi calling?
[2019-01-30 12:26:56] Customer(Price Sean) : no
[2019-01-30 12:27:22] Agent(John) : Can you please tell me where did you bought your phone?
[2019-01-30 12:28:06] Customer(Price Sean) : Ill find out now
[2019-01-30 12:28:14] Agent(John) : Okay.
[2019-01-30 12:30:27] Customer(Price Sean) :
[2019-01-30 12:30:56] Agent(John) : Oh. Alright.
[2019-01-30 12:31:15] Agent(John) : For this one you will need to contact vodaphone.
[2019-01-30 12:32:23] Customer(Price Sean) : been there done that.... they said contact samsung as this phone was not purchased through vodafone and is not service locked.
[2019-01-30 12:33:03] Customer(Price Sean) : FYI i have done a factory reset.
[2019-01-30 12:33:20] Agent(John) : For the wifi calling to work your phone sim card and service provider should only come from one service provider.
[2019-01-30 12:34:02] Agent(John) : And your device is capable of wifi calling but we are not the one who activate wifi calling it is the service providers.
[2019-01-30 12:34:37] Agent(John) : That's why I suggest that you contact them.
[2019-01-30 12:35:33] Customer(Price Sean) : give me a minute, im going to try a telstra sim right now and see if it shows up.
[2019-01-30 12:36:34] Agent(John) : As what I said the phone the sim card the service provider should be under one service provider for it to work,.
[2019-01-30 12:39:31] Agent(John) : Are you still there? I may have missed your response.
[2019-01-30 12:40:15] Customer(Price Sean) : I have just tried it with a telstra sim
[2019-01-30 12:40:24] Customer(Price Sean) : still no option for wifi calling
[2019-01-30 12:40:35] Customer(Price Sean) : the phone i took it out of did
[2019-01-30 12:41:41] Agent(John) : As what I mentioned above it the requirements for wifi calling is the sim card the line the phone should come under one service provider.
[2019-01-30 12:41:51] Agent(John) : The device itself is ready for wifi calling.
[2019-01-30 12:42:47] Customer(Price Sean) : I dont understand sorry. The phone is not service locked to any network.
[2019-01-30 12:43:07] Customer(Price Sean) : The option was there... but with the latest updates its gone
[2019-01-30 12:44:02] Agent(John) : Yes. If phone is actually bought outright wifi calling may not be available
[2019-01-30 12:44:23] Customer(Price Sean) : but it was there when i bought it...
[2019-01-30 12:44:43] Customer(Price Sean) : and worked
[2019-01-30 12:45:00] Agent(John) : .I totally understand but as what I said your phone is capable of wifi calling. So the service provider needs to activate it.
[2019-01-30 12:46:00] Customer(Price Sean) : Both my vodaphone sim card and the telstra sim i just put in my phone both work on other phones with wifi calling.
[2019-01-30 12:46:16] Customer(Price Sean) : so it is "activated"
[2019-01-30 12:48:24] Agent(John) : If it is then why is it not appearing on your other device? It should show on your device.
[2019-01-30 12:50:21] Customer(Price Sean) : It is working on other devices...
[2019-01-30 12:50:56] Customer(Price Sean) : so my sim works in other phones fine with wfif calling but not my samsung galaxy s7
[2019-01-30 12:53:18] Agent(John) : Sean I already provided the way to enable it but it seems it is not showing on your device.
[2019-01-30 12:53:58] Agent(John) : If you want I can schedule a call back from our Advance tech team so they can assist you further.
[2019-01-30 12:55:10] Customer(Price Sean) : that would be great thankyou

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Type it in google, then copy and paste it into your dial pad.

I have T-mobile and I was having a similar problem. Try this General Management>Reset>Reset Network Settings. Then shut off you phone for 30 seconds and power back on.

Its strange because wifi calling will still not be in the menu, however a prompt for wifi calling will come up allowing you to enable the settings.

Same problem.  When I tried ##BRAND# I get "Service Code Not Supported"

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