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S7 edge screen cracked

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I dropped my s7 edge a while back the front and back screens were damaged even though it didn't fall that hard. Now I am unable to use the phone, the bottom half goes all white and flickery, sometimes the screen doesn't even stay turned on. Would replacing the screen only fix the issue or am I tottallyy effed and in need of a lcd replacement? 

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Hi you can just replace the glass but in total honesty in doing it there is a major chance you will do damage to the LCD doing it (but it sounds like your lcd is damaged also), the best thing to do is look at sending it to Samsung to repair as 1. it will keep your warranty in tact. 2. you know it will be guaranteed to be genuine products being used. *Also look at if you have it covered under any insurance like credit cards/bank account or home insurace. Hope that helps


Hey @Illiyana! Alternatively, you can also have an engineer's inspection of your phone by visiting one of our Support Centres. It is a drop in service and they will aim to inspect/repair your phone in the same visit. For your nearest one, head to: 


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