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S7 edge email app


S7 edge email app does not always download email text. Uninstalling update resolves issue. I have turned off auto update, but would prefer if issue was resolved.

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I have a similar issue on my Tab A 10.1, using the Samsung Mail app. I cannot see any way to uninstall the update. How did you do this?


Settings/Apps..scroll to Email..scroll to App details in Store..below is a second line App details in Store.tap it. It will bring you to Play Store  Tap Uninstall. It will ask you "If you want to uninstall updates". Select "Yes". Tap on 3 dot symbol on top right and deselect auto update 


Deleted. Sent in error.

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Thanks Elv1503

I was able to uninstall updates to Samsung Email, but problem still persists - some emails just won't download the content, even though the Inbox shows the message has been received. I should add that the account is setup as IMAP in the app.

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