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S7 edge, USB to BMW connect

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Hi, I have a 2014 BMW 3 series GT, I am a newly converted from iPhone and I absolutely love my new edge 7. However its a little gripe I have, but I am unable to play my music through my cars audio. I can only assume its BMW dragging their heels with updates to their connect audio. But am I the only one facing such problems... does anyone know a workaround? I have spotify and love my audio and this is ruining my experience... I will not get another BMW! I love me Samsung edge 7!!


I too have a S7 edge and a BMW albeit a 2012 3 series convertible and the only way to play music from your phone through the car stereo is to use a bluetooth or NFC music streaming device - I use the Arcam miniBlink as it supports Aptx which allows for higher data transfer rates and hence better music.


The car allows an iPhone to connect via a cable whereas Android and Samsung in particular (you can't connect a S7 edge to a TV using a cable - they withdrew cable support years ago) don't.




I use S7 edge with no problem for music. Spotify pauses as I turn of ignition, start where it left of as I get in the car again.

All through samsung connet.

What I miss is the calendar display in office of car. 


Screenshot_20170510-135340.pngThis is Bluetooth using samsung connect





Connect your phone to the car using the USB cable and assuming that you have the BMW application on your phone, then go to the Office option on the iDrive and you'll see your calendar entries.


Yes, That work, but that crashes a lot of other functions. The android, conneted drive app from BMW

Not all BMW's came with Bluetooth audio, you had to specify the 'Enhanced Bluetooth' package which allows streaming over Bluetooth. The work round is to buy a separate Bluetooth streaming device and plug it into the USB socket and the auxiliary point in the centre console, though sadly you won't see any track information on the iDrive screen. I bought one for my old BMW from Amazon for £50 which supports APTX which is the higher quality bluetooth streaming format which BMW don't support as Apple don't use it and BMW only support Apple products.

Alternatively and assuming that your car doesn't have DAB radio, BMW offer a DAB add on which will also give you Bluetooth Streaming.
Sadly the only way to use all the facilities offered by BMW audio is use an iPhone. Android works over bluetooth streaming but not when plugged into the car. BMW have stated that they have no plans to improve BMW/Android functionality.
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Album Art doesn't show while Bluetooth Streaming...:(
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Dear Samsung, please fix the Album Art issue over Bluetooth Streaming, really frustrating...
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