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S7 case back coming away

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I have noticed over the last few days when resting my phone down that it seemed to be sticking up more on one side. At one point I assumed this was due the camera lens however when taking the phone case off to give it a wipe, I noticed that the back is peeling away on the left hand side. Now I have had this a few years however always keep it in good condition and this is not to do with damage but clearly a problem with it's manufacturing. This has been proven by many forums and media reports that I have read since I have been researching this.


Whilst this is the first issue I have experienced with the phone, it is clear this is an inherent fault with this make, maybe a certain batch or the way in which it was produced therefore believe I am likely to qualify under the consumer rights act to some form of resolution. 


Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what did you do? Did you get it resolved as I had no plans to change my phone at this time.

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This will need hands on @S71983  so I'd suggest to take it to the company that supplied it i.e as part of a mobile phone contract or a Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre 



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