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S7 call screeching sound


I got the update on monday morning (12th jun) to G935FXXU1DQD7 and that has sorted the problem. I called in at the Vodafone shop and one of the assistants confirmed that her phone was now working okay too.


Hopefully everything will be fine from now on :-)


Hi @TerryD1! I am pleased this issue has now been resolved. Do keep us posted on what happens with the phone. :smileyhappy:


Well so far so good. After downloading the new software update so far no crazcy interference. The call quality seems to have improved to. So keeping my fingers crossed before I say it fixed. 



So far so good!


No problems or dropouts since the update

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Hi, I used to have this problem and took it to vodafone, they did a reset and the problem diminished. However after the latest upgrade its back and occuring on almost every call. Anybody getting this again?

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Hi all
I'm going through the same thing. Scrambling/ high pitched interference and dropped calls...I'm beyond frustrated. Im with O2 went and got it 'repaired'.. by cpw which didnt help... and nos back and forth with Samsung.I live in South london... not Nottingham..which funnily enough is my home town.
Did anyone get the problem solved??

Hi, issues were mainly after an update and  vodaphone for me in and around Nottingham  Phone calls would drop out sounding all scrambled after a few seconds and not matter what you did or changed your settings nothing worked.

I have touch wood no problems now after an update that was released during the summer.

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Thanks Cliffie

I'l go back to CPW to see if I can find out when next software update is...


I got an update to the phone that fixed the issue. Vodafone said that Samsung had sent an engineer to investigate the issue. About a week or so after that the update came out fixing it. It only affected the s7, no one else had problems.


The issue took a long time to resolve in that it seemed to be very specific to a location and wasn't a nationwide issue... and even after Vodafone accepted the problem the update didn't happen for a while, so I wouldn't hold your breath.


However, I would suggest you contact O2 as well and maybe point them in this direction. Good luck!

SInce the update came, the problem never came back for me...

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