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S7 bluetooth won't turn on since upgrade.

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Since a recent upgrade to oreo my Bluetooth refuses to switch on - the slider moves to the on position but stays grey.  Have tried reboot, clearing the Bluetooth cache, wiping the phone cache all to no avail.  Any suggestions?

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Sounds like you`ll need to do a back up and FDR.
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Thanks! Was trying to avoid that option!
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@Marion15, I'd recommend rebooting your phone in Safe Mode first of all and attempting to use Bluetooth while in this mode. This disables third party applications to help determine whether the problem is stemming from an external source. Turn the device off > Press and hold the Power key > Release the Power key when the phone logo appears > Press and hold the Volume Down key immediately after releasing the Power key > Continue to hold the Volume Down button until the device finishes booting.
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Tried booting in safe mode and still no Bluetooth...
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I'm having the same problem!
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... I factory reset my phone and it STILL isn't working 


Hey @PurplePfeiffer! If a factory data reset has not solved the issue, then I'd recommend visiting one of our Support Centres for further assistance from our engineers. It is a drop in service and they will aim to inspect/repair your phone in the same visit. For your nearest one, head to: is there one nearby? 

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i have the same problem and im freaking out, did you find a way to fix it?

maybe this prodect can help?


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