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S7 bluetooth media


For me, The bluetooth auto connect app seems to be working the best 


Need to unpair and pair again every once in a while but seems to be the best solution so far.





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My Samsung S7 used to connect fine to my Nissan Altima.  My wife and son synch'ed their iphone and Smasung S6 without trouble.    The one day my Samsung S8 stopped synch'ing.  I think it is related to a system upgrade pushed down last week.  I removed all Bluetooth sevices from car.  I cleared my phone cache, reset it t factory, and still no luck.  I can easily add my wife's Samsung S6 back to the car.  But every time I try to add my S7, the car system exits the pair mode as sson as I enter the passcode 1234.

This must be a "new feature" introduced by the latest S7 system upgrade.  What else can I do?

Thank you, Wordep

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Same problem for me (in france):

Phone and contacts ok, but audio media doesn't connect.

I have a Galaxy s7 and VW Tiguan (2014) with RNS315.

At first (february 2018) i could manage to connect audio media (some times, after 1 or 2 attempts) but had to resync each times turn off the car.

Now (since july 2018), its almost imposibble to connect audio media after resync (except maybe  once after 100 attempts, but loosing it after i turn off).

I tried with 3 differents galaxy S7 : same issue.

I tried with iphone 5C : works fine

I tried with 2 differents galaxy S7 on VW golf (2010) with rcd310 (if i remenber the name correctly) wich is older: works perfectly.

My car dealer doesn't really care, said it's my phone and tere is no update for the radio car firmware (doubt that, but there is no point to discuss with them).

I don't find any solution. I tried "auto bluetooth connect" (mentionned above): didnt worked.


I guess i will have to change the radio car or pray for a samsung update that fixing it.

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Did you solved your problem?
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Did you solved tour problem? I have the same...




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I have the same issue, 

Do someone solve this issue ?


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