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S7 bluetooth media

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I have exactly the same problem (on Volkswagen car) !

Its so frustrating! I was onto support today and they claimed to have never heard of the problem yet when you Google the issue it's everywhere.  I can't believe they are ignoring the issue and won't release a patch or something.

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Your car is a Volkswagen ?


Yep Volkswagen CC.

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I had the same problem but the i found on a dutch forum this app for youre samsung and is worked at mine so maybe you could try is as well


its the auto bluetooth connect app


If you downloaded this app you should turn of youre bluetooth and get in youre car and the reconnect it should work


Streaming media keeps turning itself off.


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I am having this same issue! It worked just fine on friday...i get iny car monday and it doesnt work. It works fine with calls. What is the fix for this???i switch to bluetooth audio in my car and it just stays at the "connecting.." nothing happens next.


Anyone have any ideas???


What version of sync are you running? The latest version is 5.11. If it's under that number an upgrade should fix the problem, it worked for me. My Ford Everest 2016 was 5.7. it was working fine then stopped one day. A reset of the phone and sync system didn't fix it. I found an update on the US Ford site that was about 780mb, it took about 25 mins to install with the car running. I registered an F150 vin I found that had sync 1, then it allowed me to download an update. Even though it said the update was 5.8 it upgraded to 5.11. Hope this helps.

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Me too !! My car is VW beetle using with RNS315 radio/nav system. After connecting my galaxy s7 edge via bluetooth to the RNS315, media audio keep tuning off by itself. When I restart the phone, media audio option disappears.


Did you find a solution ?


I upgraded the audio system software as per my above post

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