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S7 Oreo - Reinstate the Edge Clock


Was the update just for the AOD or an update in general ? Where are you btw , in the u.k ?


I am in Scotland.  The update was via the standard monthly OTA feed.


I'm in the UK.


Would really like this feature back too!

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Just found this thread after searching around in settings for ages. I'm amazed they shipped the upgrade without migrating functionality using a key differentiator of the galaxy edge range.
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Hey @GeorgeDuckett@KeysNBoards@Maiahal@Cottee9@Edgie70


Our R&D guys have passed the feedback and suggestions straight over to HQ.


Hopefully we'll have some more news for you all soon.



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i too miss the edge clock function   this needs to be re instated asap  no point having the edge if it doesnt display anything    this option is one of the main reasons i kept the s7 for so long 


Apparently this can't be reinstated due to an absurd amount of bulls**t that's come directly from Samsung .......... Apparently 

Got to bring things back. Anything you (Samsung) think you're going to take away in a "feature update" next time....just add an on off toggle 😊 (which was already there for edge clock)
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Now I am totally disappointed as well... Just got my oreo update on my s7 edge and was wondering where the night clock setting has been gone. Bring it back samsung, please. You can't sell a product and disable features after some time (except for a good reason, like infinite effort for maintenance - it this is obviously not the case!) 

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