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S7 Oreo - Reinstate the Edge Clock

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Absolutely!! A huge miss......


Wasn't it said that the night clock is in the AOD settings? Is it really that hard to go to?


Just went there and is one of the options in AOD second from last one shows clock on the edge screen.


It is in the AOD settings, but it's a flawed replacement that's doesn't function the same as the old night clock.


C'mom Samsung, this is really blowing up now. How much customer response did they get to change it to this poor replacement in the first place. Surely the amount of attention this is getting now, warrants them to have another look at it!


Also, but this is off topic, they also removed custom text tones from the Contacts app! Nice one Samsung, you've really ruined a great phone! I suspect this change will also affect the S8 and S9.

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I am another user who has only registered here to request that the Night clock be reinstated to the Edge - it's an important loss and you really have to wonder who makes these decisions!


This was the only truly worthwhile Edge feature and the AOD side clock workaround is not a satisfactory replacement;  it is not truly on the edge, it turns on/off sporadcially and it does not show the alarm setting information (I've already had a missed alarm after a mistake setting the time which would have been picked up with the old night clock). 


Ironically, I find the AOD workaround clock too dim at night (not sure if it is because of the AOD auto-dimming or the change in angle for the edge clock display) and, as others have said before, if the old Night clock brightness was a problem for some users, either give a brightness control or let them use the AOD workaround - do not remove one of the phone's most useful software features for everyone else!


So come on Samsung, listen to your users and reinstate the true Edge Night clock in the next update.  There really is no need to remove it just because the AOD has an inferior version of this feature - you can leave both options there and users can use the Night clock scheduling options to choose when AOD and/or Night clocks are displayed.  They are not mutually exclusive!


Finally, as I have now discovered the only Edge feature I use is not on the S9 Edge (I had stupidly assumed such a useful feature would have been carried through to the S8 & S9 from the S7 Edge!) I find myself looking at other phone options for the upgrade I am now due ...






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Agree 100%. I don't see why they wouldn't retain the option. Would love to see it brought back!

my upgrade is due beginning august and after being with samsung since the S3  i am now looking at the Huawei P20 pro  Samsung do not seem to want to listen to its custmomers who have put it where they are so if there is no reinstated clock by my upgrade then i am away

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Can't believe they took away this feature I spent hours looking for the setting to put it on . Also the AOD is nowhere near as good as the screen stays on so it's a bright grey instead of a solid black. It's distracting and can't be doing the screen any good or my battery life!

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I just got the update on my S7 and this is driving me crazy then everyone confusing the "Edge Clock' with the "Night Clock" is even worse. You would think Samsung would realize the lack of sales on the S9 could be related to users not wanting to upgrade as more things may go missing and Samsung justifying it with BS responses. 



It's a no brainer and a really bad idea to remove such a great feature. 

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I also agree. Please bring it back! My phone just updated to Oreo and I spent 30 mins trying to figure out why the night clock was gone. Now I know why!

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