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S7 Oreo - Reinstate the Edge Clock


Sure, there is a side clock that is in the Always On Display settings, however:

- It is not a true Edge Clock

- It has to be on all the time. With the previous Android version, the Edge Clock could be set to be on between certain hours (e.g. overnight).


The Edge Clock was a brilliant feature, not least because it saved the head from leaving the pillow in the middle of the night!


It was a poor idea to drop it.


Please bring it back!

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+1 to this


My most used feature of the Edge Screen. 

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Thanks for the heads up.  Was just sat here trying to find the night clock.


Bad Samsung, very bad

DannyT Moderator
Hi there, @KeysNBoards.

Whilst this might not be a perfect solution for you. You can change the settings on the AoD so it is only active during the hours you want.

Just go to: Apps > Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Always On Display > Set Schedule.



 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:


Thanks for the advice.


As you say it is far from a perfect solution, because it means that the A.O.D. clock is not present at all during daytime hours, while the Edge Clock is still really a side clock.


The real solution  is to reinstate  the functionality that has been dropped, that made the most of the Edge!

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I agree. Night clock is a good feature no idea why it was removed. No happy

I agree!!
Bring back the night clock on Android Oreo as in Nougat

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Yeah please reinstate this feature  virtually the only truly useful aspect of the edge. 


The same happened to me. So annoying 


The only useful feature

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