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S7 - Only connects to mobile data after phone calls

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Strange issue with my Galaxy S7.

Mobile data stopped working on it. I tried every fix I could find on the internet - battery reset, re-entering all the APN details, I even got a new SIM card. But nothing worked.


Wifi connection was still fine, just not mobile data.

Then I discovered that if I made or received a phone call while not connected to wifi mobile data would start working again - but only until I connected to a wifi connection again.


So I'm in a situation now where every time I leave the house/home wifi and need mobile data I have to turn off wifi connection and then make a phone call in order to get a mobile internet connection.

Any suggestions? I've tried so many different things to fix it, but it all clearly still works so seems like there must be a way.

Thanks :-)


Hi @Julia4 have you also tried soft restart or clearing the partion cache by turning off your device and then press power and volume up until the blue screen then after about 30 seconds you get options and then use volume button to choose wipe partion cache with power button and then chose reset with power button 

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Thanks @DRUIDDOODE but yeah, I've tried both of those.


Just did the clear partition again after seeing your reply in the hope that it might work this time but the issue persists I'm afraid.


Hi @Julia4 your last resort option would be to back up all your data and factory reset or if your still under warranty get your device checked out

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I was hoping to avoid factory reset but I will try that when I have time.

In the meantime I guess I'll just have to keep making phone calls every time I want to get mobile data working!

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