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S7 Edge - garbled/alien voice - Nougat


I'll keep my story short as you can read the rest here:


Also posted here by another user:


Phone: S7 Edge

Network: Vodafone

Bought: 28th Feb 2017

Bought from: Carphone Warehouse


Problem: Alien-like noise when making or receiving calls. Can happen after 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Happens most calls

When did it start happening: After phone updated to Nougat

Areas affected: NG5 postcode, probably most of NG


Other details: Went back to CPW this week. Woman who works in shop experiencing the same problem after upgrading to Nougat. Chap in shop reckons he's had 50+ returned over the past 3-4 weeks with the same problem. Few phones sent off for repair - all come back as non-faulty. Vodafone checked for problems in area. None found.


Will also raise this as a separate case to get it recognised more and flagged as a separate issue.

Superuser I
Superuser I

Hi @slaphead,


1st off NEVER send phones of to vodaphone repair monkeys try to send it away to Samsung, it you have a local center do it from there. But before you do that, have you done a full factory reset yet? not a soft reset or have you done a cache partition clear? 

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