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S7 Edge AOD Edge Clock not working since Oreo update with Samsung Experience 9.0

TracyR Moderator

Hey again, @Paddy0d@Rich05UK@GeorgeDuckett@Maiahal@Nenesse


Our R&D guys have passed the feedback and suggestions straight over to HQ.


Hopefully we'll have some more news for you all soon.



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Thank you ☺


Thanks, please continue to keep us updated.

AntS Moderator

Hi all.


Our R&D colleagues have got back to us. They confirmed that the feature was removed following many users feeding back their unhappiness about the brightness of the clock during the night; and that the feature will not be reinstated for now.


Given the passion from some of you over this feature we appreciate that this isn't what you wanted to hear; however, our developers are looking for alternative solutions in future models for you guys - so thank you for your feedback.


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 The brightness of the night clock was too bright ?? , I've never heard so much rubbish in my life , it was darker than the AOD !!! I now leave the AOD on at night which is brighter at its lowest level , for those people saying the night clock was too bright why didn't they simply not use it !! 

In fact if they took it away because people complained why don't they bring it back when people ask for it with an option to turn it off !!

That is a pretty poor excuse. As far as I know it wasn't enabled by default and you could satisfy both camps here by having a toggle (which I'm pretty sure there already was).

Really disappointed with this decision.


I agree with you. I do not really understand this explanation. If it's too bright for you, you deactivate it, problem solved . It was possible to turn it off, so...

It is not really too bright, it was just a perfect functionnality for me, furthermore, I'm pretty sure that Samsung has made some ads with this functionnality & now, it's disabled?
Samsung US ads for Edge Clock


"Plus, it's gently lit, so it wont strain your tired eyes"
- I mean, come on!


It definitely had options to turn it on or off. It also had options for the time window when it would be on, if enabled.


This response makes no sense. If people didn't like it the advice should have been just to turn the option off, or perhaps have it disabled as a default. 


I purchased this phone based on a feature set. 2 of my favourite features (edge clock, and next alarm time display) have now been disabled, just by keeping the software up to date.


I guess I speak with customer services now as the phone no longer has the features  want



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