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S7 Edge AOD Edge Clock not working since Oreo update with Samsung Experience 9.0




My S7 Edge Always On Display automatically switched to an edge clock at night until a recent update to Oreo with Samsung Experience 9.0. Since this update the feature has stopped working and I have not been able to figure out where the setting is for this edge clock?


I seem to recall there were options to schedule when the edge clock would be active (I chose between 10pm an 8am) and also which side you wanted the edge clock to display (I chose the left side).

Any clues where these settings might be as I can't seem to find them anymore since this update. I used this as my nightstand clock and it was a real bonus feature of the edge phone?





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I am having the same issue! Where has it gone!? :(:(



You can switch it on by going to your always on display settings and changing the view. The timer has gone so it won't change on its own anymore (Not great) but if you click the home button when locked the home screen still shows the old daytime format. Far from ideal but better for night. To be fair I use my computer/watch in the day anyway so it was night I missed most 



Hi , I can't find it either , tbh a couple of the things I liked in nougat have gone now it's updated to oreo

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It nerves me a bit. I mean there is an option in the AOD settings but you can't set times for this specific style and it's not even on the edge anymore! They should've let it how it was...


Having just used it for the first night also saw it is not on the edge. It also doesn't show young your alarm is set anymore....


It as took me literally all day but ive found it...go to settings> lock screen and secuity> always on display click it on then make sure "show always" is turned off...then click select schedule and put your times in.

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Yes I know but it's not like it was before and you must switch manually if you want the normal AOD.

Hi Julie71,


Thanks for the update.  Its not exactly what I was looking for, the seting you describe is to turn the 'Aways On Display' in general on and off based on a schedule.  Example you can turn the AOD on between 10pm - 7am and then off again for the rest of the day.


Before, I could have the AOD switched to 'always on' but at night the AOD would automatically switch from a full screen clock to just an edge clock as per my defined schedule.  This was really useful because when I placed my phone down on my bedside table, I could see at a glance the time along the edge of the screen and I could also see if I had an alarm set for the morning etc.  Withouth the AOD Edge Display, you have to either sit up to see the full screen or reach over and pickup the phone.


This is a real step backwards, why have an edge screen if it's only going to work like any other non-edge screen phones?


I just hope somone from Samsung see's this and that they can hopefully advise of an update being released to fix this soon.  Lukily I have an old S6 edge which has not received this latest system update and it works like my S7 edge used to prior to this latest system update.  I might have to go back to using my old phone instead of my S7 edge because right now, the older phone has the better functionality and usability.





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