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S7: Double Pattern Verification? Locked out of Private Mode

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I'm yet another victim of getting locked out of private mode because a pattern I can't recall even setting up, I was using a pincode. I could swear it started asking for a pattern out of the blue  after a software update.


Ive been trying for months to guess the pattern without any luck. Recently I reset my fingerprints and I noticed I was getting a "Draw your double verification pattern to turn on Private mode" message now.

Does anybody know what "double verification pattern" means? I've tried googling it and there is not a single mention about it... Am I closer to being able to access Private Mode or just as far only with a different message? I need to reset my phone to factory settings but it seems there is not way to back up the contents of Private Mode unless you have actually access to it.


The entire scenario seems like a major Samsung oversight...

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Any ideas welcome...

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