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S7 Battery Drain

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Hey, brand new to this and not the best with technology so please excuse me if this is a silly question. Is anyone else having massive battery drainage since the software update in July? My phone will literraly last a couple of hours now even if I have not used it where as before I would get a full day out it. I have battery saving mode on and don't use apps, tried rebooting it etc.  Find it highly suspicious given what Apple was found guilty of doing last year in order to force new phone purchases.



No worries, @RizzyBenzie! I can help you with this. Please check out this guide on how to optimise and extend the battery life of your phone: Following this if you are still experiencing the same issues, get back to us! 


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I have tried all the hints and tips provided in both this thread and  information from other members experiencing the same issues with no resolution yet. I have also been into the Samsung experience shop in my home city who have checked my phone and stated the suspect it is the oreo update. Can you please escalate this higher or provide me with the information to do so myself as my phone is practically useless at the moment. Thanks

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Hi @RizzyBenzie.


We'd suggest giving our Support Team a call to discuss this further. They can be contacted on 0330 726 7864.

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