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S6 Serial Number

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Hi All


Can anyone confirm that the serial number on an S6 (for the purposes of registration) is the IMEI number? The Samsung site in next to useless and there are conflicting sources online. I've misplaced my phone and am trying to register to a Samsung account using the documentation I have.




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Hey T! :smileyhappy:


Thanks for posting. Are you registering your S6 on your MySamsung account? If so, you will need to register it with the full model code and serial number. You can find the serial number by heading to Settings > About Device > Status. 



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Hi Emma, unfortunately as I mentioned my phone has been misplaced.
I have the IEMI number but I cannot find a separate serial number on the box hence my original question.
EmmaS Moderator

Ooops! Apologies, T.

To register your phone to a MySamsung account, you will need the full model code and serial number.

Do you still have your receipt? Or, are you able to get in touch with your retailer/network provider? They may still have this on record from when you bought it! Can we ask why you are trying to register it?

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I contacted the company who sold me the phone - they told me that the serial number and IMEI are the same but the website wouldn't accept it. Hence wanting clarification on that subject. Are they the same thing on the S6?

I'm trying to register now to make use of the FindMyMobile service.

They're not the same thing on any Mobile, Tagnew1. The IMEI links with the Network and starts with a '35' however the Serial number corresponds with the manufacturer and in our case starts with a 'R'. 


Do you still have the packaging for your S6? The Serial number will be on the label.


Also, did you install Find My Mobile onto your phone before you lost it? If not, the service wouldn't be able to locate your phone. 


We hope this all gets resolved for you soon! :robothappy:

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