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S pen emailing and messaging

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The S-pen is amazing for quick multitasking. A feature I would love to see it do after I use the pen for whatever I'm working on a project (making a quick note, cutting an image or text out, etc.) is: super fast access to email or text. Using the pen it would be great to take my project and using a series of clicks access a voice controlled feature where I could either say a name from my contacts and then swipe the pen left or right ( one direction = email and the other = text message) and it sends the project to that named contact; or just simply access the voice controlled feature and say email contact or message contact. This would be a very useful tool. Maybe this already exists and I've over looked it? Let me know, thanks.

CarlH Moderator

Hi @D-wiz. Good suggestions! I've passed them onto R&D.

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