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They completely redesigned the app between his post and yours. None of his instructions will work with the new layout.

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I was confused about the same thing. I just set up the weight management part of the app. I have consumed 734 calories and burned 728 calories so far and I still have 3 meals left for the day, yet the app is saying that I am 554 calories over. I then realised that the app is constantly calculating the calories burned minus that consumed to get your calorie balance as explained in the info tab. My balance to loose 0.5kg per is supposed to be 552 calories. However, thus far I have eaten 6 calories more than I have burned so I am still that much over with my calorie balance. For this reason at the end of the day when I have been as active as I can and have burned 552 more calories than consumed, then finally it will show that I am in the good range and not over anymore.

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