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Rooted Galaxy S8 screen burn-in

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Hello everybody! I have a galaxy S8 since November 2017. Around March 2018 i started noticing screen burn-in...I decided to not bother then and after sometime i even started the whole modding proccess with rooting and stuff. I know that warranty is void now but i wish to know if i can fix my screen for free since the problem emerged before i rooted and i didn't do anything that could harm my phone like this. I went today to a support center here in Greece and they told me they won't fix it unless i pay for it since my warranty is void...I saw here in the community some people fixed it without warranty. Thank you all in advance!


Update: Just noticed that the burn-in is from Instagram! And i barely use it for an hour every day...This sucks

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @BillyGrls 


We're sad to hear of the problem you're having with your phone. As you've already mentioned, any kind of rooting of your phone, automatically nulifies the warranty on it we're afraid, regardless of when the initial issue may have begun.

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