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Restoring Samsung Cloud data on pre-Cloud phone

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Hi! I'm having a bit of trouble with the memos on my Samsung. The smartphone is somewhat old, and still has the Memo app as opposed to S Memo or Note Memo or Samsung Notes, or whatever it is the more modern ones have. Today all of a sudden all but one of my 200+ memos disappeared somewhere. No idea how that happened, but never mind; I logged in to the Samsung Cloud website and it showed that my Memo app was backed up. Two questions, if you don't mind:

1) Should I be afraid of the backup program 'seeing', once I connect to the Internet (cos I haven't yet since the memos' disappearance), that I no longer have any memos on the phone and thus syncing their absence to its cloud - that is, deleting the backups? Would canceling sync with the Samsung Account help with this?

2) Like I mentioned, my phone is a bit old. It thus does not in its settings menu have entries like 'Cloud' or 'Clouds and Accounts', which all the guides seem to mention - it only has 'Samsung Account'. That one, however, does have a 'Restore' button in it. But, I read that Samsung Cloud backup and Samsung Account backup are different things. And while I know that Samsung Cloud has my Memos backed up, I do not know whether Samsung Account does. So is the 'Restore' under the 'Samsung Account' menu what I should use? Or, should I be downloading from somewhere specifically the Samsung Cloud application, and using that somehow? Or something else yet?

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Thanks for posting this. Helped me out a lot and got more knowledge about back ups and stuff.

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