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Restore deleted photos videos album on S8


If you haven't backed them up,you may need to recover them by professional Samsung Data Recovery program.



Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have tried everything and I finally have given up on trying. I already preordered the S10+. I hope nothing happens again XD

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When you accidentally delete your videos does it appear in the recycle bin in a few days maybe? Cause i accidently deleted all my vids and its not showing in the recycle bin to recover.


Hello, you can also restored deleted photos from Samsung Cloud

As a Samsung phone user, I had 15GB free storage on Samsung cloud. So, all my phone photos were apparently saved there. The cloud has a Trash folder that keeps all the deleted image files for 15 days, from where I could restore them.Steps to restore photos from Samsung Cloud

1. Opened Settings on Samsung phone
2. Selected Samsung Cloud
3. Clicked Gallery
4. Clicked Trash
5. Selected the deleted photos, and clicked Restore

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