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Restore Deleted Images and Video.


I did a dumb and deleted some important photos and videos bc I thought they had been transferred (but they weren't). I know data the data still exists, just marked for write-over. How can I access this data? I've tried a few backup programs but all want money and or the device to be rooted - and I'm not paying anything and/or rooting the device unless I'm sure the product is safe/effective and there are no other options.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+


Please help, Obi-wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.

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If you have a S8 SM G950U, they're gone. This phone cannot be rooted. Hopefully, you saved them to the cloud or they went in the trash or some other auto backup. If you delete your internal storage, this phone will not allow you to get it back. I just did everything I could and can't get my photos back. You can't root this phone to run any recovery software. Bunch of BS! Not even a Samsung Tech can help.
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