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Regional locking M30

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I just bought the Samsung M30 in India. I will be moving abroad in 2 months (Germany) and was wondering how can I remove the regional lock and if the phone will work in Germany? Some posts suggested to make a call from the regional sim ( India )for 5 minutes to disable it, but does this call have to be made in Germany? I have already used this phone with an Indian sim for more than 5 minutes in India so has the regional lock been removed?

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The culmitive calls of up to 10 minutes will need to be made in India.


Using a local sim card.


The calls being made to a local number.


If you've made those calls then Yes the Region Lock should have removed.


If not then you would need to contact the Indian Branch of Samsung and ask them if they can remotely remove the region lock.


If the phone was bought directly then it should be unlocked to all networks.


So once the region lock has been removed it will accept any networks sim card.


A phone bought from a 3rd party or mobile phone network will be most likely locked to that network and will need unlocking to all network's by the network its locked to.



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