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How to recover deleted video files 


Hi @Ilyaquantum. Which phone do you have? Were the videos backed up to any source such as Samsung Cloud or a third party application such as Dropbox? 

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For Samsung phone, it is possible to restore deleted videos on Samsung phone. 

Once you have a files of videos on the computer, just move the files to your phone, this is so so simple.

If not backup before, just try MobiKin doctor this way to retrieve deleted videos on Samsung phone.


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You may recover deleted video files with professional data recovery software, try this Samsung video recovery tool that helped me last time.


Take note that you'd better stop using the phone before you get back all your lost files.


Usually, if the deleted video files are not overwritten, they are still saved on your Samsung phone. Then you can use a pro phone data recovery software to help you recover them back. You just need to connect your Samsung phone to computer via usb cable, start the software. A short time scanning later, you can easily access the deleted video files and get them back. 

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