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So, I wake up to an update for my S7. Update my phone and my custom messaging background is gone with a white plain background and ugly teal conversation bubbles!!! 😑🀬 Why Samsung? I loved this custom setting and you have taken it away. I would never have done the update knowing this. Please bring it back ASAP. I have been loyal because of all the awesome custom features and you've ruined the thing I loved most about owning only Samsung products. Boo!!! 

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+1  I also have an S7 and received the update last night.  Can't understand why these customization features would be stripped away on a new version of the most used application on just about any phone.  Please return Samsung Messages to it's former state.  (And please don't tell me to use Themes.  Not gonna do it)

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Hi @PuggCrazee and @hubba_dubba

Sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding the messaging app customisation options on Oreo. Samsung are aware of customer feedback regarding this issue therefore you may see further options made available to you in the future, however at the minute there is now news to share with you. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause.

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Put me on record as another S7 owner unhappy with changes to texting.  Hopefully someone is working to remedy this. I don't want to use Themes. I want to choose a background and bubble colors for texting, along with the old format, not having to select recipients from my contacts list and choosing Start. Why do the little things get tweaked with updates?? 

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Newest updates made my phone like a cheap toy.


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This latest update has made phone look like a cheap toy.

Been with Samsung for over 10years now and this latest update really has got me considering whether to get an iPhone next

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