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QUERY: flashing another country firmware - possible?

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I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from South Korea, so it's model is SM-G925K (K for Korea).

I live in UK and I know UK model number is F, because I own a UK Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F).

I want to flash my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with UK firmware. I've tried many from sammobile:

5.0.2 Vodafone brand
5.1.1 BTU (unbranded)

but they all came back with NAND errors and fail.

The only firmware that worked was flashing it back to Korea 6.0.1.

Q. Could it have failed because I was trying to flash a 5.x.x firmware but it only accepts 6.x.x?
Q. Is it possible to do something to get it to flash a UK firmware on a South Korea Samsung phone?

You cannot flash software from a different model, you can update software by manually flashing software but it MUST be the same model number. Sammobile tell you this. the model numbers have to match. and so UK model number doesn't match with Korean SM-G925K vs SM-G925F for example.
Unfortunately nothing can be done but to buy a European unlocked model or a UK model
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