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Public WiFi Connection Issues

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I've had my phone for just under two years now with no issues, however, in recent weeks I have been experiencing issues when trying to connect to public WiFi which requires a sign in (e.g. BT Open WiFi). Instead of being taken through to the sign in page, I'm shown a standard error screen saying;


The web page at

could not be loaded because:



Or alternatively;



This is a recent development as I said, I had no trouble connecting to public WiFi before about three weeks ago. Any ideas or help would be appreciated, thanks


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I suggest don't use public wifi connection, because I found many issues.  Unsecured Wi-Fi. An unsecured Wi-Fi connection is one that utilizes no security encryption whatsoever. Login Information Interception. Sensitive Information Interception. Bandwidth Theft. Illegal Usage. Network Data Theft. If you need some help I recommend to visit the Netgear Support Team.

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Never use a free wifi - airport, shopping mall, coffee shop or hotel. You never know you will get exposed and hackers will get the most of this easy opporunity. Always use a vpn for public wifi and get an extra tunnel layer for security. Here is the guide about public wifi security

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I was trying to do it, but before it succeeds it creates a D-Link Router Error 103, after which I get help from D-Link Router Customer Support at they guide me with all the steps to resolve the issue. You can resolve your issue from here.

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