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Profile sharing on Samsung phones


I have the S8+

My registered number that's signed up to my profile sharing is not the correct mobile number, think it may been an old number. How do I change this, tried to changing it on my Samsung account on my mobile and it's the newest mobile number?


Do I need to deregister the profile sharing account to enable it again in my new correct mobile number?


My sister (her phone is the S7 edge) has profile sharing enabled that is registered with her correct mobile number, it shows stickers next to her name on my contact list.


Sorry if I have confused anyone.


Problem is why it's not fully working properly is that when my friends / family got Samsung phones, I want to use calling stickers and change in profile pic shares etc but it ain't showing on my sister's phone when I call her?


See below screenshots in regards to the question


The top pic shows u I can select different call stickers when I call somebody they do not see that on there end?








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Go to Settings>Cloud & Accounts>My Profile and change your information in there. 


I have already done that, my mobile number is up to date that the thing.

I may have figured it out, but with some complications.

I need to deregister my old temp EE number which came with my new S8+ but since I have got back my original number I can't send a text to to the old number as it's not valid anymore. Shall I just contact Samsung and ask them to wipe the registered number off record and swap it with my correct one?



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To be honest DMI88 it looks like you've done everything you can from your end so it might be worth it getting Samsung involved and ask them to de-register the number from their end.


Hi DMI88,


I have the same problem, I switch providers, and the temporary number is registered. But since I ported my number in. I can deregister it. Did you manager to fix this in the end, and if so how?





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Hi DM188

Did you ever figure out Profile Sharing so that you could successfully send call stickers?  Were you able to update you number in profile?  I am having the same issues as you and would like to get things working.  I was unable to find an answer online.

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