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Problems reposting stories on IG on the note8


Ok so I have this problem for a while now and I thought it would be fixed in time but it didn't and it frustrates me!

I can't repost or reshare stories I've been tagged or mentioned in. I checked, my settings are all enabled, the other accounts are public,  my app is up to date (I even tried the beta testers version), but for some reason I just cant repost the stories!

For a while I had two accounts on my phone and one did let me do this option so I know its available on android and specifically on the note 8 but for some reason I cant do that on my main account..

I tried contacting Instagram via the app, the website and even by e-mail, but never got a reply.. 

Can anyone help me?🙏

AndrewL Moderator
@Sylvienh: As Instagram is a third party app it is difficult to provide support from this position. Are you able to identify anything about your second account that might allow the action over your main account? Have you made sure to check that you are mentioned in the story as this is required to repost it?
I no longer have access to this account (it wasn't mine I was just allowed to manage it for a while). At first I thought that I was unable to use this feature because the note8 was pretty new at the market, but when I saw that I can do that on the other account I checked and crossed everything between the two accounts and they matched exactly with the settings and preferences..
And yes I made sure I was mentioned.. it's something that happend a lot more than a dozen times now.. :/
First Poster

I have the same phone and same issue. Contacted insta... nothing. Did you find a fix? It is driving me mental!


No.. I haven't.. I also contacted Samsung and Instagram and nothing.. I kinda gave up..

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