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Problems letting Facebook access my photos on Galaxy A5 2017

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I have been trying unsuccessfully all evening to put a photo from my gallery onto facebook. I come up with a problem concerning the screen overlay. I watched a youtube video on how to sort the problem out and read a few articles. All said the same things. But whatever I do I still get the box up saying screen overlay detected. I have unticked all of the selected items and still get the same message. So I am still unable to upload any photos to facebook. Please can anyone enlighten me on how to resolve this issue. Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @Treezh


Hopefully something in this link may help. 




I navigated to the section on my s8 via....


Settings > Apps > 3 dots in top RH corner > Special Access > Apps that can appear on top. 

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Thank you very much for your help.  I'm much obliged. I tried disabling all apps and it didn't make any difference. The only way I could get a work around this issue was to turn the phone off. Turn it back on in safe mode by pressing the sound up and sound down buttons at the same time whilst the phone was loading up. I think this then temporarily disables some apps. I could then go in and give the permissions I needed in Facebook and a couple of other apps. Then closed the phone down and then back on again in full mode. Not ideal, but it did work. So maybe this way will help others. Thanks again.

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