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I'm hopeless with this new technology .  I'm trying to print from my phone to the printing using cloud.

But wheni press print it telling me to use the browser to go and register from URL.  Havnt s clue where my browser is and what URL is.

I did say I was a novice didnt I!!

Anybody got any tips.

Barbara xxx 

Superuser I
Superuser I

The Browser is for example the Samsung Internet App or Google Chrome or Firefox etc. 


The Url is the address of a World Wide Web page.

Its long name is Uniform Resource Locator (URL),  

Basically is what you type in the search box for info from the internet. 


I would suggest checking the user manual for your printer for compatibility and setting preferences. If you dont have a may beonline.from.tne printers manufacturers page. They may also have a chat feature to ask. 


Google Searching may yield results too. 



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