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Poor build quality of s7.

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Hi all, is everyone happy with the s7/edge?? Mine was ok till it overheated last September due to the occulus/gear update which constantly put my phone into a loop update causing it to drain rapidly and overheat during the 24hour period. I then noticed the back of my phone had cracked due to the excessive heat. After sending it into be repaired by Samsung I was told it was due to water and dust in the USB charger port??? Is this not a waterproof phone with an open usb port?? Samsung clearly having a laugh and i was told it was my fault so it we be repaired at my own expense!!! Unfortunately after numerous emails to different departments and lots of phone calls to Samsung and even a trip to their store I'm still left with a damaged phone. Please Google occulus/gear update stuck in loop to see its just not me with the issue. Samsung you've lost another loyal customer to the competition. 

I don't believe that the S7 (or any of Samsung's flagship phones) are poorly built. They have been highly praised in all reviews on that score. My experience of Samsung phones over the past few years has been very positive when it comes to build quality. So it might just be a simple case of you being unlucky. My S7 Edge and Gear VR combination has never really suffered any issues.

Samsung however have a terrible reputation when it comes to customer service, after sales support or warranty. The Samsung Stores are operated by Carphone Warehouse so it's pointless trying to get them to help. So it comes as no surprise that you have met a bit of a brick wall.

A cracked screen due to a manufacturing issue is difficult to prove either way. So you are going to struggle. But I always say that when it comes to making a complaint you should just keep hounding them. Make a careful note of all the correspondence and take people's names. Eventually the chances are you will get a good result.
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I've only had a S7 and I will never ever buy a samsung phone again after this paultry experience. OK, I came in from Apple and that might set the bar high but my Samsung didn't get to the first rung :( And media praised are easily made in the industry. they mean little. I am in that industry and know how it works. 


My other Samsung devices were all given not bought, tablet, bluetoothheadset, and a few video players. What do I think about Samsung in general? Meah.


I might get a Samsung phone next but it will NOT run Android. It will run the e Foundation or another Linux alternative but never again big corporations software the debilitating bloatware and in Samsung's case Forceware. I don't use their services and apps but have no way to remove them even if never used, never asked for apps? You must be kidding. The phone is paid for. That is abuse if I've ever seen a perfectr example.


Nah, other companies do a far better job. I'd rather go back to Apple then to give Samsung another dime at this stage.

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Let me second your opinion.  My S7 has the back seperating from the body of the phone and the screen seperating from the phone body.  Poor engineering and build quality so I'll be looking at other phones myself.

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But even the arrogance of the company concerning the alarming lack of security with their systems. When journalists asked about why Samsung devices listen to what you say, even if turned off. They were told not having important discussion in front of their devices.  Or how about the brain-numbing amount of bloatware never used, Samsung's email, browser, pay system? Good Grief companies, give it a rest. You're suffocating people. No wonder I turn to the e Foundation or other alternative systems for these phones.


How about I don't buy those devices and chose the ones without or muffle it?


No thank you.

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