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Please can they fix the android 8.0 reboot error on j3 2017

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Adding my voice to this in hope Samsung issues a fix SOON. Driving me potty!


@Ziltranite wrote:

Hello,  I, among many others, have been experiencing the post-

Oreo-update reboot issue on my J3 2017.

As you may have seen there has been a thread regarding restarting all the time after 8.0.0 was installed. This issue cannot be repaired by resets or cache clears. This problem has been present on this Android version on other devices but there have been patches for those devices, whereas the J3's update is new and a patch has not yet been registered as required by Samsung. It is critical that this is fixed as it is leaving many users' J3 2017 devices unusable. Please can I ask us all to support the release of a patch that removes this issue. Thank you.

We know.


We do indeed.


I am confused. I have 2 j3s which both started resetting recently. One has been off for repair and spoke to Samsung who said they can do nothing. Just need to send error reports. So really happy when I found this thread so I know it isn't just me. The thread says solved but there is no solution. What's going on? 


 in the applications go to 'game optimizing service', make a forced shutdown and uninstall updates of the application.. work!


When is a fix due??? 

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