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Pin code not working on galaxy S8

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@Kabo1 wrote:

Suddenly today my pin isnt being accepted. Keeps saying incorrect pin. Tried changing it in settings but it asks for my pin which is then saying is incorrect! Any advice please? Am too worried about restarting etc etc as if it doesnt work I'm locked out and need phone for work. At moment am able to use fingerprint unlock but every now and again will ask for a pin number! Thanks

Had  the same problem today. Hold volume down and power button for approximately 8 seconds for a hard power off. Phone restarted and was able to input the pin code. 

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Thanks for the tip. This hard restart worked. It is working. I am using S8+

"Press the Power Button + Volume Button (for 10sec) to Hard Restart"


It didn't work for me. After multiple restarts, it's asking for a password which never worked 


it still asks me to type a pssword. its not working. what is going on please

@Abdulsalam wrote:

it still asks me to type a pssword. its not working. what is going on please

Did you try the other workarounds mentioned in this topic, eg wipe the partition cache , factory reset ? If nothing helps, contact the support.

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I tried Volume+ and power simultaneoulsy and didn't work.  Now the phone's recognition software is also not working so permanently locked-out of phone.  Can't factory reset as need to back-up first (impossible when you can't open phone).  Alternative solution please.

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Just tried SmartSwitch chat... press volume down and power simulataneoulsy - first attempt sent my phone to sleep with just the power level indicated.  second time, started normally and accepted my PIN.

To force a shutdown/reboot press Vol down + Power. To enter maintenance mode press Vol up + Power ( + Bixby if one exists ) AT START. When the phone is up and running Vol Up won't work.

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Thanks very much     I try it and work

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Dear Samsung Tech Community Team,


Please fix this bug. It is a nightmare for me. I'm totally pissed off at one situation where my finger print didn't work along with the incorrect PIN project. This issue really sucks.


Please do the needful at the earliest.



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