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Pie on Galaxy S8

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I know Pie is being released for the Galaxy S8 in the UK this month (March) but does anyone know the exact date this is expected?

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Superuser I

There wasn't an exact date when I recieved the Samsung One Ui / Pie update for my Samsung Note 9 purchased directly from my local Samsung Experience Store in the UK @Paul_UK68 


Only the actual Month.


It's a case of periodically checking the update section in your phone as I did or let the phone auto tell you when its available. 


The update is sent dependant on the phones build and serial number and if its branded or unbranded. 



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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It's downloaded on mine this morning. UK  


Hi Paul..
Downloading now as I type...

Have been playing around with phone after the update.One thing I had to do was to change My Theme.It was Black so couldn't read any topics while in Settings.Only the icons were in colour.Now back to the default theme.


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